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What you need to know about Office Cleaning

“Work, work, work, work, work, work

You see me I be work, work, work, work, work, work”

There has never been a more apt description of our lives. Indeed, as Rihanna has accurately put it, almost one third of our lives are spent at work. In fact, the average Singaporean clocks in about at least 30 hours in the office in a week. Since we are spending the majority of our every day in our workplaces, it is most important to ensure that our office spaces are as comfortable and conducive as possible. Thus it is essential for your company to have a clean office so as to ensure our employee wellness. They will then have a clean environment to go about their work and this could translate to an increase in your company productivity. Aside from that, a clean office would also create a good impression for customers and showcase the professionalism of your company.

Office Cleaning on increasing Workplace Productivity

Litter-free, spick and span, organised— imagine coming to work and feeling a sense of rejuvenation. That’s what it means to have a clean office. Easily, this serene environment will motivate your employees to be in a good mood and this propels them to be more focused and productive.

Surely, by now, it is clear that a clean office is vital. But how do you actually keep your office clean? With the mass online information on ways for effective cleaning, it is easy to be engulfed by the complexities and myriads of options. Why not let us make it simple for you. Below are some nifty tips to maintain a clean office effectively:

5 Tips For Office Cleaning

1. Getting ready

  • Wear the correct attire suitable for cleaning (you do not want to stain or dirty your normal clothes)
  • Ensure that your tools and equipment can work
  • Let everyone know to steer clear from the area by displaying a safety sign.
  • Review any damages in the property
  • Be aware of hazards or risks at the work area
  • Look out for spills

2. Remove carpet stains

  • Take note of the colour fastness on the carpet.
  • Bear in mind furniture and obstacles
  • Use absorbent paper to spray the carpet cleaner and clear spill
  • Use water to spray and cloth to blot, till the stain is gone

3. Cleaning of surfaces

  • Begin from the far end when vacuuming the carpeted area section
  • Take note of any spills or stains
  • Arrange the furniture back to where it was
  • Dilute cleaning chemical into spray bottle
  • Transfer diluted cleaning chemical into spray bottle
  • Spray the solution on cloth and start from the edge when wiping all horizontal surfaces
  • When necessary, rinse the cloth

4. Cleaning pantry

  • Make sure to show safety sign
  • Use cleaning solution on spills or stains on floor
  • Use absorbent paper to clear spills
  • To remove spills or stains, spray water and use cloth to wipe.
  • Pay attention to corners when sweeping floors.
  • Fill the bucket with water and mopping solution.
  • Dip mop in solution and wring.
  • Go section by section when mopping the floor
  • Remember to rinse the mop before proceeding to a new section.

5. Emptying the waste bins

  • Tie up the used bin liner and remove it, holding it away from the body.
  • Throw it in the service trolley.
  • Wipe the interior and exterior with sanitizer
  • Install new liner in bin.

With these essential 5 steps, you can inspect the area and make sure that the work has adhered to the above requirements. Remember to take down safety signs installed and to properly keep all equipment and tools appropriately. Then, wash your hands to ensure good hygiene.

However, even with steps straight-forwardly depicted for office cleaning, the onus of the adherence to inspections and evaluation is on the office admins and facility managers.

Understanding the practicality and importance of office cleaning, it is still understandably hard to maintain the cleanliness of your office by yourself. That’s the reason many business owners make the decision to engage professional cleaning companies to uphold office cleanliness. Well, if you are also interested, look no further. Biostar Cleaning Services Pte Ltd is has a professional team of well-trained and responsible cleaners to meet your needs— be it for office cleaning or another cleaning services, to cater to your needs.